Another product from the new FPV equipment company — AKK Technology. This company already has some significant amount of products like cameras, VTX, antennas, micro FPV sets and so on. You can get familiar with the AKK Technology company on their website.

This time, it is a pair of FPV 5.8G TX/RX Mini Circular Polarized Mushroom Antennas ML2. One comes with PR-SMA and other with SMA plug. In other words this is 5.8 GHz Circular Polarized Antenna Set for transmitter and receiver or, if you wish — 2 antennas for 2 quads if you have different VTX with different connectors.

Moreover, there are 2 different sizes for this set: SIZE1 and SIZE2


Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency Range: 5.8GHz
  • Connector: 1pc SMA 1pc RP-SMA
  • Gain: 5dBI
  • Max Power: 50W
  • Polarization: Circular polarization
  • Weight of 1 antenna: 12,7g



  • Small size: 44mm in length, 35mm at wides part.
  • Protected: antenna covered with plastics



1 x antenna with RP-SMA connector
1 x antenna with SMA connector

Overall impression:

Both antennas come neatly packaged in a box. Nothing to worry about during the transportation. The build quality is perfect — plastic moulding is very precise. Antenna leg is covered with a heat sink and is very tough to bend. And it really shouldn’t be bent — or you would eventually brake the ground shield. These antennas are really small and lightweight. Only 12,7g each and 4,5cm in length. And I would say that it would be very hard to demolish due to compact size and especially if it is pointed to the back of a model.

Antenna set performance:

In order to provide the adequate performance test, I would check this set against AOMWAY cloverleaf RCPL set that is well known for its decent performance. You can watch this or this videos to get familiar with AOMWAY antennas I have. Those videos show that AOMWAY is usually doing much better job than any other antennas around.

I’ve created the video that shows the comparison between a set of AOMWAY antennas versus AKK current antenna set. My copter with Kylin 200mW VTX was sitting at the same spot, directed at the same point and antennas were also directed backwards. I’ve tried to hold my Quanum VRX at the same angle while travelling around the same paths and recording FPV video from VRX to my WinOS tablet.

Now, watch this video comparison:

As you can see from the video — the worst signal reception was registered in one of the corners of my garage. VRSSI dropped to 9% at this corner no matter which antenna set was used. In overall, AOMWAY and AKK doing almost on par in terms of signal quality but AKK set is still a bit behind. On the other hand, what really inpressed me about AKK set — is that in the worst corner and places it managed to maintain more visible picture with less noise comparing to AOMWAY which totally lost the signal. So, despite the fact that AKK has some more pronounced short noise interruptions during good signal reception, it still has better performance (sensivity) in the worst scenarios. Maybe, it has to do with how well a set is tuned to each other.


I would say that in overall I’m impessed with AKK antenna set performance. I’ve compared several other mushroom antenna sets to AOMWAY and always had the last to be the cleat winner. But in the case with AKK VS AOMWAY — I am not sure wich set would I want to use further. AOMWAY is a decent performer in almost any circumstances. But they have no plastic protection and well known for the ease of damaging. Moreover, they have quite a length and might bend right to the copter blades in a crash. AKK set is cheaper, tough enough not to worry about crashes, small and short and what is the most important — outperforms AOMWAY in the worst signal reception situation. It means that I might stick to AKK set when flying through trees and other heavy obstacles.

My opinion is that I am starting to admire AKK Technology company. This is the second product I test (first product) and it seems that AKK is doing a great job.


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